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Xkcd dating librarian

I mean, that level of missing knowledge would still be a very notable thing, but I suspect it would read more like a weird quirk.

I asked him to assist me with some things after a few of my reports complained about him and I wanted to give him a chance, but it was a disaster.

He doesn’t change when asked to do or not do something and it has become clear there is no salvaging things.

The alternative to tragedy, or at least to the risk of tragedy, is damnation.

Every year the company I work for hires some college students for a three-month internship over the summer.

This is the first job or internship he has held and he only has one year of college left before he graduates.

I really wanted to help him, but as I said there is no way to make it happen here.

He was also a noted poet, critic and served as professor of English Literature at Oxford for 29 years.