Start Xilinx rtl schematic not updating

Xilinx rtl schematic not updating

You will have to use Vivado for place&route, bitstream generation and writing your bit file onto your device.

library IEEE; use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; use ieee.std_logic_arith.all; library UNISIM; use UNISIM.

entity Adder_4Bit is port(A, B : in bit_vector(3 downto 0); Cin : in bit; SUM : out bit_vector(3 downto 0); CARRY : out bit); end Adder_4Bit; architecture Adder_4Bit_ar of Adder_4Bit is component Full Adder port(A, B, Cin:in bit; SUM, CARRY:out bit); end component; signal C1, C2, C3 : bit; begin FA1: Full Adder port map(A(0), B(0), Cin, SUM(0), C1); FA2: Full Adder port map(A(1), B(1), C1, SUM(1), C2); FA3: Full Adder port map(A(2), B(2), C2, SUM(2), C3); FA4: Full Adder port map(A(3), B(3), C3, SUM(3), CARRY); end Adder_4Bit_ar; but when I view the RTL schematic (start with the schematic of the top level block) it shows like this, and then double clicking on the Adder_4bit, As you can see it is showing only one instance of Full Adder, not the all 4 instances without any connections between them.

The structure of the file is simple enough so there should be no problem.

Once you have completed simulation for your design successfully you want to test it in hardware. The synthesis of your VHDL code is done by XST(Xilinx Synthesis Technology) tool,which is included in Xilinx ISE software.

The VHDL code is below; But the RTL schematic is shown in the figure.

d_3 is registered but the output of register seems to going anywhere. It is correct when i simulated behaviorally but RTL schematic seems wrong. Is there any other way to show RTL schematic correct.

Sometimes the "View RTL Schematic" under the "Synthesize - XST" does not get refreshed after I changed and compiled the source code.