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The executions of children by Isis, police brutality against racial minorities in the US, rape on college campuses, the list goes on.

Anyone who is paying attention knows about the disturbing violence in our world today.

For anyone else who’s got the news cycle blues, consider this alternative, rosier broadcast: In Milwaukee, today, Mrs. “I feel so lucky to have Snowball in my life,” one family member commented. The dismal state of the news actually proves that we live in a pretty great reality.

Anderson baked a tray of chocolate peppermint cookies and delivered them to her neighbor, reportedly a working mom with two kids. If things were really so bad in the world, we’d take bad for granted and only report the good stuff as noteworthy.

Enter a new book: "The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook: Slaying the Living Dead Within." Officially releasing this week worldwide, the title is sure to arouse curiosity, combining two seemingly contradictory terms.