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While vaseline may not work for everyone, it does work for some, and it serves no purpose to insult those who use it.

if you don't agree with a suggestion, find another solution that may work for you, but don't deny the success that others have found...

Friday, October 06, 2006, AM I think the key is to find what works for your skin.....myself, I have very dry and sensitive skin.

i have hispanic neighbors who use vaseline on their skin and they also look fantastic-not greasy or pimplely.

can't we just share our own experiences and not cut-down others?

(link provided below - and I think this thread has more links per response than any thread I've seen yet ;-)) It might be great for helping keeping those areas smooth, moisturized and exfoliated. It's an oil that many massage therapists use- and a much better scent than olive. I was reading just this morning about grapeseed oil as a moisturizer. I am 38 and she's 64, and I shit you not people think we are sisters, I also have done it for the last 10 years and I still look like I'm at least 25.

Link Thursday, September 28, 2006, PM vaseline is TERRIBLE for your skin. And it keeps moisture from being absorbed by your skin. Because I swim regularly, I always put a moisurizer on, and then spritz an almond oil/essential oil mix into my skin. My grandmother as well does it and she look amazing. I'll wear it for a couple of hours before bathing and that's fine if you want to avoid the smell or damage to fabrics.

To you - am poster - thank you for letting us know that vaseline has worked for you and your mom! Thursday, October 05, 2006, PM nutrogena has a dry oil product from grapeseed and sesame oil... I've also heard about Almond oil, that might be good to spritz on after the shower.

Wow, a hot shower with Neutrogena rain, sprtiz on some almond oil, get into some great cotton PJ's and a warm bed..a great winter skin plan!

If you already use vaseline and it's working fine for you then olive oil shouldn't be a big step.

At any rate simply try it for a couple weeks and see how you like it - you can always go back.

I guess it could be good jeans but I have used it for any number of things and it has always proved to be good. Thursday, October 05, 2006, PM There's an awesome moisturizing body wash called "Rain" by Neutrogena.