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Who was lamar odom dating before khloe

We guess Kim may have been done with Kris — but Kris clearly wasn't ready to let go of Kim.

That always hurt my feelings, of course." Today, those same stylists are now approaching Khloé, offering to dress her for events and public appearances. I'm not going to reward your bad behavior.'" Khloé's unfiltered, outspoken sincerity is something of a signature.

She is comfortable airing her dirty laundry in a way that her sisters—Kourtney, Kim, Kendall and Kylie—often aren't. "I'm the first person to say if I didn't do something right or that I could have done something differently.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images, Instagram) Considering the fact that Tyga likely tried to take credit for Kylie's pregnancy, it's pretty obvious he's not over her.

But just in case Kylie Jenner wasn't getting the message, he decided to drive the point home by dating her actual doppelganger, Demi Rose Mawby.

In mock appraisal, Khloé cocks her head to one side.

Soft strands of her usually poker-straight or perfectly-curled hair float gently across her shoulders—the careful, understated handiwork of her long-time hairstylist, Cesar Ramirez.

So, in this case, we're not really sure that Ray J has a specific type, other than "famous," or at least "on TV." Nope, this rapper showed off his K. Considering all the rumors about Scott hooking up with both of the Jenner sisters (at least, we seriously hope they're just rumors), we couldn't help but cringe. (Photo Credit: Getty Images, Instagram) Other than, uh, "working women," Khloé Kardashian's ex hasn't really been seeing anyone in recent years.