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Who was brad renfro dating when he died

Renfro was born in 1982, in Knoxville, Tennessee, the son of Mark and Angela Renfro. Ironically, it was Renfro's depth and maturity that struck the Client director Joel Schumacher when he saw Renfro's audition tape a year later.

Over the years, a friend and I have half-joked about painting an Elliott Smith–style memorial to Brandis on the block where he died — maybe something with a soccer ball and a dolphin?

— but half-jokes are cruel to someone who ended his life as a pop culture punchline.

His rising career however started fading after he fell into the clutches of alcoholism and drug abuse.

They squeal over posters, snatch up pencil boxes with their favorite stars, and sardine themselves outside movie premieres with a fervor that your average teen dude would find embarrassing.

He later on appeared in a number of other films, such as ‘Sleepers’, ‘Apt Pupil’, ‘Tom and Huck’, ‘Telling Lies in America’, ‘Skipped Parts’, ‘Happy Campers’, ‘Ghost World’ and ‘American Girl’ to name a few.

The young actor then did several short films and also guest-starred in two television episodes His wonderful performances in the big screen projects brought him several awards and honours.

Since being launched into Hollywood in the John Grisham adaptation The Client (1994) at 12, Renfro had shown great promise in a variety of dark and challenging roles – most notably the controversial Nazi drama Apt Pupil (1998), alongside Ian Mc Kellen – until the inevitable tabloid headlines began in the late 1990s to suggest that his life was not on an even keel.