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Not that Sharon and Robin need a lot of help from Direk Cathy—because their chemistry is as potent as ever, as the blockbuster film effortlessly demonstrates.

“Wonder” is easily the year’s most satisfying feel-good family drama.

But, it also tugs at viewers’ heartstrings as it dispenses lessons on compassion, empathy and acceptance.

“Wonder” lives up to its empowering battle cry for people who can’t see the angels looking after them: “You can’t blend in when you’re born to stand out.” And, nope, you can’t leave the theater without wanting to heed its soul-reinvigorating request: When given a choice between right and kind—choose kind.

While it’s true that Direk Cathy puts Sharon and Robin’s crowd-drawing appeal to wise use with an appropriately “maturing” twist, it is nevertheless the Megastar’s heart-on-her-sleeve portrayal that allows the predictable rom-com to eventually find its soul—and makes the production’s disparate elements converge and coalesce.

Reassuring cinematic balm Even more gratifying than “Unexpectedly Yours” is the Julia Roberts-Owen Wilson starrer, “Wonder.” Director Stephen Chbosky’s feel-good drama is a must-see, not only because of the emotional catharsis and alluring life lessons it offers, but also because it works like a reassuring balm for the many troubled souls in our midst.

It revolves around fifth-grader August “Auggie” Pullman (Jacob Tremblay), a facially disfigured boy who attends school for the first time.

It’s also about the all-encompassing love of his mom Isabel (Julia), dad Nate (Owen), older sister Via (Izabela Vidovic) and old pooch Daisy that help Auggie get through the cruelty of a world that doesn’t know better.

As rom-com fate would have it, their impending high-school reunion makes their separate paths cross again.