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Slow flowing canals and stagnant pools were even more likely than the Nile to harbour dangers: the snail which is host to the bilharzia blood fluke grows best in such an environment.

The standard daily ration during pharaonic times was two jars containing somewhat more than two litres each.

It was a healthier drink than water drawn from the river or some canal, which was often polluted.

At Deir el Medine it was then stored in large cisterns; and one may suppose that the water rations were minimal. Their milk was kept in egg-shaped earthen jars, plugged with grass as protection against insect and was drunk shortly after milking.

Unfortunately his remarks are very general and do not give us any pointers as to the methods used: was coarsely ground.

Then water and some beer were added and the mixture was left to ferment.

The fermentation complete, the liquid was strained.

Sur quelques blocs de remploi trouvés à Karnak", BIFAO 69 (1971), pp.69-88 Water along the Nile was rarely in short supply, though its quality was often poor.