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Whitby gazette dating

Next to the Duke of Wellington Pub, this shop stocks a good range of fresh organic fruit and vegetables, loose teas, health food and drinks and lots more.

At each location there is a special focus on a different aspect of the saint’s life, something to find in the church and the opportunity for reflection and meditation.

A WOMAN'S body has been found on a beach in Whitby this morning.

It was the home of Katherine Parr, who became the sixth wife of Henry VIII.

The largely ruinous medieval remains incorporate a later farmhouse.

“Thank you to all our extremely loyal customers who have returned time and time again..have become friends over the years, who we will miss.”The family-run business was first established in 1980 and allowed customers to pose in a range of costumes from the Victorian era.

It has been run by Paul, alongside his colleagues Lynne Valentine and Shelley Spaven for many years, attracting visitors from around the world.“It’s the end of an era really, the shop has been there since 1980.

Also close to the station is a fully restored and working 17th century watermill.

Approximately a mile from the station, just above the foot of Little Fryup Dale, is Danby Castle, built in the 14th century for the Latimer family.

The Danby Court Leet, a body of freeholders with various governmental powers over this locality, still meets here.

Held in August each year: is a small craft bakery and cafe dedicated to producing high quality craft breads and bakery products.

Incorporating Saxon and Norman remains, the church has developed organically. The nave was rebuilt in 1789, the gallery in 1806 and a chancel that dates from 1848. Replacement bus pick-up point:on the main road, at the junction with the station road.