Start Vulnerable lonely people online dating

Vulnerable lonely people online dating

De Liema says: We have found that older adults are disproportionately targeted, but once they are targeted they are not more likely to be victims.

Scams are so prevalent today that almost anyone can get stung.

A few of the AARP survey's list of traits shared by vulnerable victims: What scams have you avoided or fallen prey to?

But elders' long experience in life also helps them spot fraud.

On balance, they aren't more susceptible than anyone else.

Fraud comes in all shapes and sizes, from online dating-site deception, debt-collection scams, fake rental ads and worthless or nonexistent product sales to work-at-home schemes. Profiling studies that analyze victims by type of scam, however, have yielded a clearer picture of scam-specific profiles. He's middle-aged, educated, financially literate and white, and he's under financial pressure, psychologist Laura Carstensen, founding director of the Stanford Center on Longevity tells The American Psychological Association. People who don't ordinarily buy investments aren't likely to fall for an investment scheme, or even to be offered it.

(This Financial Fraud Research Center diagram gives a detailed breakdown.) Victims include older people, yes, but also younger ones. In other words, while everyone is vulnerable, some people may be more vulnerable to particular scams than others. In a phone interview with Money Talks News, Marti De Liema, postdoctoral research fellow at the Financial Fraud Research Center, said: 2. Elders do get hit hard by scammers and they're more likely to lose a significant amount of money to fraud, but generally that's largely because scammers pick on them more.

Be particularly wary of businesses offering debt consolidation and help negotiating with creditors. Con artists know this and show up for immigrants who need help with their legal status, for example, or for victims of natural disasters who are willing to pay for help filing a claim, finding a home or getting home repairs.