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Brive-la-Gaillarde, on the river Corrze is an attractive small city, with a historic centre built in the pale honey coloured local stone.

Natural habitat protection and promotion get primary attention on all Choctaw lands.

Once a Roman city, Limoges, lying on the river Vienne and on a main route between Paris and Toulouse, has always been a major centre, in this relatively sparsely populated region.

In the Middle Ages, it was renowned as a centre of arts and culture.

Aubusson, in the Creuse department, is another textile town, famed worldwide for its tapestries; Aubusson tapestries were famous from the15th century onwards, but the industry declined in the early twentieth century, until it was relaunched in the late 1930's by Jean Lurat, reputedly the greatest tapestry designer of the 20th century.

The adjective "rural" is a bit redundant when qualifying Limousin.

Tulle, a few miles up the Corrze, is a small manufacturing town that has given its name to a type of fine loose meshed lacy fabric, used in the clothing industry.

The town rises up the steep sides of the narrow river valley.

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