Start Updating xbox360 nxe from c d

Updating xbox360 nxe from c d

I eventually decided that I should do as the message asks and call the Xbox Support line. I called and was greeted by a very helpful person who asked me what my issue was.

In previous interviews, the company said that it was technically impossible to make Xbox 360 games that use multiple discs compatible with Xbox One.

He has offered to look into my case, hopefully this can be resolved.

Whatever information the support people had was totally incorrect and I will take care of that separately.”.

Update: "Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut was the first multi-disc [backward compatible] title added to the program," a representative for Microsoft told Polygon.

"We know fans were asking for this feature and our engineers worked hard developing a solution to enable it so we could further expand the titles included in Xbox One Backward Compatibility.

[UPDATE 2] Stephen has commented below clarifying that ” We do not disable consoles. I suspect the support people were reading from some outdated or incorrect documentation.” “But to be clear, we DO NOT disable consoles.

This is due to the TV trying to find the input when the console went into error mode.

Not banned either.” followed by “oh, and their added security has already been defeated. [UPDATE 6] I went to Microsoft today and handed my Xbox over to Stephen Toulouse so that he can investigate the problem. The things that he described, I have nowhere near the capabilities to do.