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Updating hotmail

Confirm And Update Here This is to reduce the number of dormant account. If you have received the same email message, please go directly to your email account instead of clicking on the links in the email message.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to simply instruct them to reply to the message?

Outlook is now the official name of Microsoft's email service.

People with Hotmail email addresses access their email at

I have conferred with my associate will gain them all manner of goodies.) Once again, there was no plan afoot to charge Hotmail users for their accounts, thus no looming $25 a month fee.

The hoax wore a new mask, but it was still the same guy underneath.

Use these settings when connecting your email client to your Hotmail account: was introduced in July 2012 and fully launched in April 2013, at which time all Hotmail users transitioned to with the option of keeping their Hotmail addresses or updating to an email address.

Users were instructed to access in their web browsers.

According to the auto-response Hotmail has set up to answer queries about the supposed cancellation: “The message you’ve received is a hoax chain letter.” On the subject of dormant accounts and when they will be deleted, Hotmail has this to say in its FAQ: (including this hoax note) through Hotmail, you aren’t at risk, because the system already knows your account is active.