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Updating cargo trailer walls

Although the largest single vehicle type featured in the Corgi Toys range were models of cars from manufacturers around the world, this article sub-divides vehicles into genres, wherever possible, to allow a more detailed look at the variety of models produced by the company.

Corgi Toys also included plastic glazing, which lent the models a greater authenticity, and they carried the advertising slogan "the ones with windows".

The 1956 releases were all familiar British vehicles.

The second was a die cast service ramp used in a tin plate service station set.

Both of these models would later reappear in slightly revised forms as Corgi Toys 4.

However, in the early 1950s, they began producing a few products in cast metal.

The first was a large scale wind-up racer made with a cast aluminum body and tin plate wheels.

The Mechanical versions, as they were known, were indicated by an 'M' suffix to the model number and were available in different colour schemes.