Start Updating bind dns records

Updating bind dns records

The bond interface must be destroyed and recreated.

This guide provides an overview of the global navigation and information about the controls, fields, and options available throughout the UI.

This is also known as link aggregation, port trunking, link bundling, Ethernet/network/NIC bonding, or NIC teaming.

Creating bond interfaces will cause you to lose connectivity to your Extra Hop appliance.

Addy is a cloud-based service from Extra Hop that detects anomalies by applying machine-learning techniques to wire data metrics. Atlas Services provide Extra Hop customers with a remote analysis report that is delivered monthly.

The report contains specific recommendations for critical components across the application delivery chain.

To configure both 1Gb E and 10Gb E ports for capture, contact Extra Hop Support for assistance.

Interfaces 3 and 4 are disabled by default on the following appliances: EH2000, EDA 2000v, EH3000, EH5000, EH6000, EH6100, EH8000, EDA 8100, EDA 9100, and EDA 1100.

Internet connectivity is not required for the global proxy server.