Start Tell your ex husband you dating

Tell your ex husband you dating

We all have sex dreams about people who aren’t our partners! Again, the act of cheating probably represents something else. If you tell your partner about this dream, he’ll feel like you’re accusing him of something. There is a good chance that he wouldn’t have chosen your friends to be his friends, either.

Don’t run to others who are not a part of the problem or a part of the solution. In fact, you as the wife will need your own counselor and encouragement as you go through this trial with your husband!

You might think it’s cute that your partner doesn’t know how to dress, but if you tell him that he doesn’t know how to dress, he’ll think you’re embarrassed to be seen in public with him. Your partner isn’t going to see it any other way, so don’t tell him about it.

And that will blow up a lot of areas of your life together.

I get it: you and your boyfriend or husband are best friends. There are few differences between your romantic partner and your platonic best friend. These are pretty important differences to remember.