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Steps in dating

Having fully obeyed, I was now willing to do God wanted me to.

In fact, communication vanishes as the fog of guilt rolls in.

can kiss, but how about carrying on a meaningful conversation?

I had this gnawing feeling the Lord wanted us to break up, but I wouldn’t listen.

Yes, I was a Christian as was she, but our emotions were more wrapped up in one other than in Jesus Christ.

I hate to break the news to my female readers, but many college guys show love to a girl in order to obtain sexual access.

But in the same way guys give love to get sex, there are an equal number of girls who are guilty of giving sex in order to get love.

Not because I felt sad or jilted, but because 100-pound weights had been taken off my shoulders.

I’m not very emotional, but that night there was a steady stream of joyous tears signaling I was finally free!

Our holy God, who thought up sex, didn’t say “Let the marriage bed be undefiled” in Hebrews 13:4 to rob us of physical pleasure, but instead to give it to us in fullness and at the right time.

In my counseling over the years, I’ve observed that to the degree a couple is sexually intimate before marriage is the same degree that they lack sexual satisfaction after marriage.

Check out their track record to see if their talk matches their walk, knowing college students are notorious for changing and adapting their goals to line up with their latest flame! Plan your dates in advance Having the same goals is one of the essentials for any strong dating or marriage relationship. years) to develop and live out those goals, it takes careful planning too.