Start Starview box not updating

Starview box not updating

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They also suggest that over the next few days, people using Starviews, Eurovox’s or any other dodgy box will slowly see their channels disappear.

If I worked for UPC, I would so far count this as a huge success as users of the forums seem to have given up any hope of there ever being a fix. But I imagine a lot of people will begin to change over to Sky now as it’s a much better offering!

From what I’ve heard, unlike the Eurovox, it has two tuners, so you can view one channel whilst recording another. One question that I’ve got a lot of personal emails on recently is how to get missing channels back on The Box. So if you are looking to get these channels back, you should check out David Mc Gettigans Blog, in particular his post on the latest channel dump for Dublin –

p=169 I hope this helps all those who have been in touch!

The Box Super offers the pause live TV and record functions that a lot of other devices are offering now. Ever since I posted a review on The Starview / The Box this site gets at least 300 unique visits a day for starview related queries.

I unfortunately didn’t see this in action as the external HDD didn’t work with it for some reason. Since I’m no expert on the subject, I avoid answering any questions and simply leave the comments to grow as long as there is nothing illegal going on.

For domestic customers, this may take 15-120 minutes (times may vary depending on device).