Start Speed dating sheffield over 40

Speed dating sheffield over 40

spindle-nose sleeve-down adapter bush and a copy of the maker's Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manual.

: Thank you for identifying all the mysterious parts and listing them - a wonderful service.

Equipped with a machine vice, parallels, a Clarkson Auto Lock chuck, drill chuck, tooling and all the parts used on the miller by the previous owner. 1-phase motor with drive by an "A" section V-belt to an intermediate, self-aligning, jockey pulley and then to a 4-step front pulley - the arrangement giving 9 speeds from around 150 to 2000 r.p.m. £550 Pictures of the Alpine Mill/Drill for sale here: Elliott "Progress" No.

2 Morse taper Model 2G bench drill in fine original condition. I have also a very rare Fell deep-hole borer for sale around 20-years old now; this was the only one ever made.

This is the Progress with oil-bath lubricated head "back gearing" that gives 10 speeds from 36 to 2570 r.p.m. This is one the very best bench drills it's possible to buy - high-quality construction, compact, versatile and powerful. £650 Pictures of the Elliott Progress No.2 Drill for sale here and details of Progress grills here Disassembles into manageable pieces. Just need to find a home for this one as an offer to remove, it's more a museum piece, but could be sorted to work again.