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I Don't Own A Girlfriend, by Nylonathatep; Not Moons, by Envelope Generator .

She also stars in the horror film “Nymph” which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.

Natalie was born in Kiev, Ukraine, Natalie was put into ballet training at the age of 4 by her mother, who was a ballerina herself.

Natalie Burn now is active in producing and staring in independent films.

Through her company 7Heaven Productions she produced her first project "Fallen Angel," she played as a composer turned heroin addict.

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The previous content of this page has been identified as posing a potential copyright issue, as a copy or modification of the text from the source(s) below, and is now listed on Wikipedia: Copyright problems (listing): Natalie Burn is making the transition from acclaimed dancer/choreographer to actor seamlessly.

She Appeared in the blockbuster action thriller The Expendables 3 (August 2014) alongside Mel Gibson.

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