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Jim Clark “Life at Team Lotus” Limited edition by Peter Darley “A superb collection of photo’s from an era when you could get close” Taken by Peter Darley who was the official photographer for Team Lotus.

The book covers every Lotus from the Mk1 up to the Lotus Elise.

You can find this book for under £40 from a variety of sources. It is over forty years since the author, Michael Costin, Development Director of Lotus Cars Ltd.

Rob Walker by MIchael Cooper-Evans This book tells the story of Rob Walkers life and his involvement in Motor Sport beginning in the 1930’s.

There are strong links with Lotus, the cars, the drivers. This was a very different era of motor racing and covers drivers ranging from Moss to Jo Siffert.

These include period photographs [some extremely atmospheric] technical illustrations, circuit plans and elevation drawings of selected cars.

Overall the books trace the evolution and development from the dawn of motor sort to the present.

It is therefore an important addition and goes a long way to enable a full and complete assessment of Chapman and his considerable achievement amongst designers. Useful to a wide source of readers not least those seeking inspiration and thoughts about design methodology.

The book is obtainable from various internet sources,however at a hefty price.

The principle of the Wobbly Web wheel is convincingly explained and illustrated.

Haskell then explains the human, personal and creative attributes of Colin Chapman, the collaborators, rivals and peers.

It is a complete record and history of the Lotus Twenty Three, a definite keeper for the library. Can-Am Challenger by Peter Bryant Something different , however it’s a terrific book with a history from Lotus to Can-AM Motor racing historian Ed Mcdonough has taken the original transcripts of Innes’ articles, with the co-operation of Jean Ireland, and edited them into this collection of tales, adding many photographs not previously published. He knows his stuff; the theory and practice and conveys it well. It commences with an outline of the fundamental physical and engineering principles .