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Software for dating service

The original Criti Call software - released in 2000 - was designed and proven to withstand the pressure that exists in the 911 call taker and dispatcher market.

Finally, C4 is available for testing in the commercial contact center environment.

Criti Call for Contact Centers will help you select employees who possess critical skills and abilities such as: Listening and Understanding Using Logic and Reasoning Learning and Retaining Reading and Comprehending Using a Computer While Listening or Speaking using a computer while listening or speaking is a cognitive ability that many people do not possess.

By accurately measuring this ability before hire, organizations are able to screen out applicants who would otherwise be frustrated by their own inability to perform typical job duties. Download the software and see how Criti Call for Contact Centers can help your organization become more profitable and effective! c4 testing software 800.999.0438 [email protected] Call for Contact Centers (C4) was developed by Biddle Consulting Group, Inc., a company specializing in EEO, test development, and test validation since 1974.

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