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I often get emails from people wishing to start their own companies and asking that I help them find a manufacturer.

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So here are the steps I would suggest you go through, if you are looking to start your own fashion company, and need to find production. Specialist products (lingerie, footwear, high tech clothing) are usually only produced properly in a handful of places. If you are going to be making t-shirts and you want them to sell in stores for $30 (which means you have to sell them to stores for $10-$15), then you’ll have to be looking overseas (most likely to Asia) for production.

If you are doing something quite basic, like tailoring or jerseys, then there are more options. If you want to make $5,000 suits, then you can pretty much go anywhere that knows how to make suits.

I know of many, many production nightmares, and now I am adamant that a good, reliable manufacturer is essential to start a fashion company.

Basically, you can’t really start selling, or even promoting your company without solid manufacturing, unless you plan on making the production runs yourself. Firstly, the samples you show to buyers must be close to identical to the ones you will be delivering when they place an order.

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