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The organization also offers a toll-free, confidential hotline that acts as a source of information about abortions, referrals, and financial assistance in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Other resources listed below provide information and support to parents that are considering adoption so that they may make the best choice for themselves and their child.

Resources Available in the United States A is 4 Adoption — A is 4 Adoption offers alternative pregnancy options and information for mothers and families.

They offer love and friendship, as well as pregnancy options and assistance with family planning.

They are available through phone call, email, or online chat.

The support line offers services and information for both pre-birth and post-birth individuals ranging from helping families decide if adoption is the right option to connecting them with adoption counselors and support groups in their area.

Call: 1-800-236-7846 Website: Available in the US and Canada This website provides pregnant individuals with a wealth of adoption resources and information.

The Sexperts take a pro-choice stance, however, we provide resources from both sides of this often divisive and controversial debate in order to provide as much information as possible so readers can make an informed choice.

Resources in the United States clinics, and it offers assistance in finding clinics for pregnant women.

They encourage pro-life-affirming choices for pregnant women, but also provide abortion options and accurate medical information. Call:1-800-395-HELP (1-800-395-4357) Website: This resource seeks to spread education about abortion to allow people that are considering getting an abortion to be informed about their decision.

The organization has an accredited program of medical education dedicated exclusively to providing high quality abortion care and allows individuals to get in contact with healthcare professionals.

Call: (800) 455-8130 or (800) 532-5383 Website: National Abortion Federation (NAF) — NAF offers information for pregnant women including .