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“She gave no indication to me that she had been told Morgan had raped a bunch of women,” said Lila.

But Lila was different from these women: she, like her alleged rapist, was a hacker and a respected expert in the same field.

Although Marquis-Boire’s reputation may have insulated him from accusations by other women, what Lila had to say about what happened in Toronto in 2013 would be believed.

In short, Marquis-Boire was supposed to be one of the good guys. Dana, a close friend of both Marquis-Boire and Lila, ran in the same San Francisco social circles.

She was never in a relationship with Marquis-Boire, but they were very good friends, and his emotional support had become “a precious lifeline” to Dana.

Throughout ’s investigation, sources expressed fear that Marquis-Boire, a lauded security expert, could hack them in retaliation.

Corroborating electronic messages that could be used as evidence of his assault, one woman said, could not be found because he had been too careful with his operational security.

Dana knew that Morgan had substance abuse problems and that he was a “shitty boyfriend,” but struggled to accept the idea that he could be a serial rapist. ” But it was Dana who would eventually become the bridge between New Zealand and the United States, bringing Morgan Marquis-Boire’s world crashing down around him.