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If you’ve tried "dieting", only to yo-yo back to being even heavier than when you started… My name is Jeff Anderson, a 10-year veteran of the armed forces and a fitness consultant and trainer.

Even when it does appear in a show, what's depicted usually doesn't come close to the actual disorder.

This is often used to avoid As You Know exposition by making it so the character know things they should be familiar with; whether it's actually an improvement is down to the individual viewer.

If the victim recovers, it usually occurs by the end of the episode, with the character simply bonking their noggin a second time (conveniently ignoring the fact that this is likely to make things worse, not better), or with some Applied Phlebotinum from the resident scientist/physician.

Servo: Yeah, and people often say their heads arent in the right places.

In TCW's September 2012 issue, the cover story features Katariina Rosenblaat, a sex trafficking victim who was rescued and now runs her own organization to help raise awareness and rescue and restore girls trapped in the trafficking industry nationwide ("There Is H. International Justice Mission president Gary Haughen, Wellspring Living founder Mary Frances Bowley, and Slavery Footprint founder Justin Dillon were among guests featured as speakers at the conference.

Robot, another Gizmonic employee (which is to say, another Cloud Cuckoolander genius) who got suckered into the experiment by means of a fake distress call.

As the victims of the movies came and went, so did the people inflicting that torture.

On TV, amnesia is just a plot device for the current episode or movie or whatever.