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Roughest toughest most intimidating bosses

After all, this is the organization behind one of the deadliest days of drug violence in Mexican history.

Over the years, she says she's killed many enemies, from Soviets in the '80s to Taliban in the past decade.

According to Human Rights Watch, those crimes include rape, murder, and the forced recruitment of children. Treasury Department froze her assets and said she is "one of the most prolific narcotics traffickers in Central America," moving thousands of kilos of cocaine a month through Mexico and into the U. Though she calls Guatemala home, she has operations in Honduras and Panama, all of which work fervishly to keep Mexican cartels supplied.

Why she's scary: While her men are raping women, pillaging villages and executing people who won't relinquish their bodies or their belongings, Umuraza gets manicures and grants interviews for German puff pieces that make her out to be a feminist. Approximate age: 40AKA: N/AAlleged crimes: Chacon Rossell is a drug trafficking and money laundering wizard. Why she's scary: She is, as one Guatemalan paper put it, "a society lady," which might not sound scary at first.

Samantha Lewthwaite, or The White Widow, or the mother of four that British newspapers have dubbed "the world's most wanted woman" after her alleged involvement in the Nairobi mall attack, reminded us of something: Women can be horrifying agents of terror, too.

They often must work harder than men and sometimes require a little luck, but when the right woman is given the right opportunity, she can be just as dangerous and internationally feared as any man.

When she killed, it was only because her refusal would have resulted in a bullet to her own head. To escape the Libyan army, Nisreen jumped from a second floor window, got hit by a truck and limped away from the compound where she was forced to kill.

Trained as a sniper, Nisreen now has every reason to exact revenge against the Libyan military officials who raped and controlled her.

Alleged crimes: For years, the glass ceiling inside Mexican drug cartels seemed unbreakable.