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Reputable gay dating services

Drugs and alcohol are known to reduce sexual performance, sperm count, fertility, and in many cases cause abnormalities and withdrawal symptoms in new born children.

These genetic predispositions may affect the delivery of hormones, as well as the reproductive organs in both men and women.

Other genetically transferred disorders include structural chromosomal abnormalities or the incorrect number of chromosomes in sperm and ova, polycystic kidney disease in men where cysts may develop in the reproductive tract, and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in women, where cysts grow on the ovaries.

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In some cases infertility challenges are passed down genetically from parent to child.

Sometimes as a result of illness, accident, or infertility.

Sometimes women struggle to find a suitable mate, and will look to artificial insemination as a way of having children, equally gay couples who wish to have their own children.

Deciding to have a child is an important life event – it is vital that you are well informed before embarking on your chosen route.

Your journey on the road to having your own family should be interesting, exciting, and above all else, successful.

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Undergoing any kind of fertility treatment or process is an intimate and often stressful experience.

Treatments come at different pricing and success rates.