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Real still dating cornfed

The overall performance here surpasses many of those hoarding the headlines nowadays, those that sell on looks, popularity, media play and the scream and shouts of the fan base on social media 24/7. And making the everyone seem to be incredibly obtuse and nearly functionally retarded makes it seem they are not actual people but cardboard characters. Characters are simply written to be too stupid, too many useless, uninteresting filler, script is lame by trying force unrealistic actions and reactions. Still will watch this..poor Seoul being dumped by stupid Dal Bong.. I think i hate the older sister more rather than the middle one.does not have any empathy as a woman...don't care much about her love story now her..pouring tea and serving during meeting is more important than her mother's anniversary.a woman.

It's really a good drama to watch with your family. Every episode of the drama always funny, awkward and sad. But the father's case filed against his children is ridiculous. If i was one of the children, somewhere along those dialogs i would have said : did i ask you to give birth to me? I don't mean to insult people that are trying their best.

For all actors & actress you already have a good acting and doing the best for this drama. this drama made me crying so hard and also laughing out loud. Kang Shim and Kang Joon character making me really really angry at first, but deep inside they are really love their father. @Filae, you have summed up all that make this drama good. But aside from Yoo Dong-Geun as the father, the rest of the cast are not exactly great thespians. Seoul is only appearing on screen two times each of the recent episode.. Personally I think she rocked the drama in the early episodes until the love triangle began.. She should spend more more time with papa cha, as a daughter.

Moon Tae-Joo (Kim Sang-Kyung) is the second highest ranking employee at Daeoh Company. (= This one just popped up on KBS World TV on You Tube, so I went to the cast page here to see who was in it. The story is fast paced n filled with interesting characters who i want to see more of.

Drama series follows the daily lives of a chaotic family. All the intended couples have great chemistry n i love watching their interactions, can't wait for the genuine smoochies!

In turn, and knowing that her cousin is intruding on her personal life, Cha Gang-Sim should have put an end to it - not very realistic letting it continue. 28 and I like the drama so far, but the character played by Nam Ji-Hyun is not necessary and has become a little annoying. 27, the character Kang Seo-Wool should not be butting into family matters - I agree in that she seems to have her nose in all of their personal business. I really like this drama and I really like this family.

It also isn't very realistic that she would fall for the first guy she encounters after being chaste, strong-willed, and career oriented for 17 years, especially one as immature as the character Moon Tae-Joo. children plot could have carried this drama by itself - all the other stuff is just bad window dressing. I'm glad that the father took the drastic step to get his children to start acknowledging their lack of respect towards him. So much touching of my heart, I cry and laugh in 1 episode.

I feel really disappointed and I know that 8″ is a high bar that’s been set.