Start Reading scriptures while dating

Reading scriptures while dating

(Laughter.) So it’s interesting to me to reflect on that.

And so, if you’re going to talk about religion, you’re going to be doing some kind of churchy sort of thing that we need to be careful about.

Even when they were taking an upper-level course in American Christianity. I’d have Adam and Eve and Paul and Moses on one side and, on the other side, I’d have Exodus and the Road to Damascus and the Garden of Eden.

I couldn’t expect that they knew much at all about Christianity. I’d ask them to draw a line between the two, and it’s amazing – (laughter) – the lines that they would draw in their heads. (Laughter.) And again, these weren’t obscure things. And so now, when I read stories in magazines and newspapers–Appalachian State beats Michigan, or any other David and Goliath story – I always kind of laugh and think nobody knows that story.

Let me say at the very beginning, though, that there are two ways to talk about religion.

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