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Her breathing impaired by the accident, Heidi and her family decided to move to Malibu for the cool, clean air.

Through it all, she has achieved a grace that inspires her friends and mystifies her doctors.

And through these years, Christy -- Heidi's protector and legal guardian -- has been at her side.

If anything good came out of the accident, it was that because of it, the industry adopted mandatory seat belts on all stunt-car work.

"I'm very proud to have been a part of that," she says.

A beauty in her own right, Christy has an infectious laugh and a rare gift of giving.

Few sisters have sacrificed more, or longer, than Christy.

Confined to bed, mostly, she spends her days reading and watching TV, with an occasional trip in the car out to Malibu.

She directs the housekeeping and does limited workouts on a machine that keeps her muscles from atrophying.

One of the last things he said to Heidi was, "Do you want to go, too? "We were optimistic about the future."The sisters took in boarders to help defray the cost of round-the-clock nurses and mounting medical bills. They were making ends meet -- and making their mortgage -- when, in March 2007, just before the national financial crises hit, they renegotiated their loan with Indy Mac Bank, a subprime lender, and were told they would be able to refinance after a year.

Before the year was up, the bank collapsed."Only in the last few months has the truth surfaced that the mortgage on our house was thrown into a default pool for liquidation," Heidi says. And the mortgage on our home was sold on the stock market to foreign investors without our even knowing."Last year, Indy Mac's assets were taken over by One West Bank, which now wants to take back their home.

“He has been around her family and she really likes that he is a dad.