Start Rapidshare and dating

Rapidshare and dating

It’s not necessarily what I thought I was doing, because I write songs about what I feel.

One of my favorite songs on the album is “22.” To me, it’s like a bookend to “Fifteen,” from your second album.

Having written a song called “Fifteen,” about how much I learned at age 15, and how that was a really heavy year for me.

Because the age of 22 is much more carefree for me than 15 was. You look at the idea of being 22, that’s when you’re supposed to be out there living and being selfish and making mistakes and messing up. It seems self-obsessed and it would bring out all these insecurities that would make me a horrible person to be around.

One of my big fears is people saying my songs are all starting to sound the same. Aren’t you worried this will scare off guys you might want to date?! I’ve never had a guy say to me, “I was thinking of asking you out, but I was afraid I would end up in that song.” I have had a guy say, as we were breaking up, “You better not write a song about this.” At which point, I proceeded to write an entire album about it. I wrote a song called “Mean” about a critic who hated me. I’m sure we can call ABC and make something happen. Do you see yourself settling down and getting married? One thing I’ve learned about life and love, you have no idea what it’s going to throw at you. I just kind of, I think that’s been more the case, for sure.

I put it out, and all of a sudden, it became an anthem against bullies in schools, which is a refreshing and new take on it. So I just really have no idea where I’m going to end up.

When people say things about me empowering women, that’s an amazing compliment.

It can be the goals they'll acomplish, positive feelings, etc.4.