Start Pisces male leo female dating

Pisces male leo female dating

Their relationship has the ability to go the distance.

With the commitment that they will share, they will be able to create a lasting relationship based on a solid platform of friendship.

The Pisces man will gladly accept all that the Leo woman brings to the relationship.

She prefers being in control, and he will happily sit back and enjoy the ride. When her fiery temper is unleashed, he will feel despondent and hurt.

His compassion and resourcefulness and the artistic and liberal spirit of the Leo woman will create a delightful entanglement.

Her vision and his devoutness will bind them into a truly matchless connection.

At times she can seem a bit brash, but he is able to see passed her behaviour.

When they disagree there will be a good understanding as to why and how to go about repairing things.

The Pisces man Leo woman love compatibility will not be superficial.