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There were some so-called friends who came by after my attack, not to comfort me or offer support but to gawk at me, to gather a firsthand account of what I looked like or how I seemed so they could gossip to their friends.

I love the feel of that swollen silky smooth head on my skin, on my ass, the sticky sweet trail left by the precum as he drags it across me, marking me, branding me. We love to have sex where we might get caught as it's a real turn on.

I love how it feels as he teases my asshole and my pussy with it, pressing gently at first one, then the other, then back to the first again. Usually it's outside but so far we have never been caught as far as we know.

She had one other partner that she had intercourse with, and had fooled around with a couple other guys. Okay, so my husband and I are very new to this lifestyle and have only done soft swapping.

We are friends with this couple who live a ways away from us, so we go up there about once a month to go out and party with them. The last time we were there, the other wife and myself started kissing and we took off our shirts and things were good.

I love being on my hands and knees in front of a man. We didn't want to do this but we did lose a bet and now we must pay up. We got some great pics from our wild readers of girls showing boobs or tits or breats or whatever you wanna call them!

I love lowering my head and lifting my ass up in the air, offering myself to him. I love the feeling of exposure that I have as I spread my legs, knowing he can see how wet my pussy is and how much I want his cock. I love the feeling of anticipation, the feeling of not knowing, of my pleasure being at his whim. My friend and I (seen on the bed) made a bet while clubbing with a guy friend of ours that he wouldn't streak naked, after we left, down the street to our car. Girl friends and Best Friends decided to 'show your tits' for us in public places adding a bit of zest! We love your site because we love public sex and dares.

She would lean forward, her bulging breasts brushing your face; With your hands around my pretty little waist, you would be able to admire my, "betty-boop-like", hourglass figure.

She would be busy rubbing her clit as you look would look back up and continue sucking her nipples and rubbing her breasts.

My pussy would continue to pump your cock, I then would feel ...

I'm sorry the other pics I sent you were too blurry but how are these? I want to tell you about what I like to do in the shower.

I don't care how much money is on the table: No job is worth feeling uneasy every day.