Start Outdating


Now this isn’t because people are shallow, it’s because they want to be able to see your style, to see if it matches with theirs.

The world heavyweight champion has attracted a legion of fans thanks to both his sporting ability and his general stud image.

The key is to use your dating photos to attract dates who are into the same stuff as you. For example, if you’re wild about the outdoors, have photos in a park or on one of your favourite walking routes.

So think about the backdrop to your images; Where you are? If you’re a total film nut, can you have your favourite independent cinema as the backdrop or how about a funky billboard film poster?

And when it comes to awkward dates, this man has got it down.

When we asked Anthony what he would do if he turned up on a first date only to discover he had left his wallet at home, he had multiple solutions.

So to test just how much of a smooth operator Anthony is, we asked the boxer a series of ‘what would you do?

’ questions to see how he would deal with stressful situations.

If chunky jewellery rocks your world and is a big part of your vibe, make sure it’s on display.