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My wife was surprised when I came downstairs naked one day and I could tell her hesitation. I, however, loved this new feeling…sitting in the sun, wind blowing…it was incredibly refreshing and I said, “why not.” So, at first she didn’t need to go, but after a second she said sure. I’m walking in my birthday suit through dozens of women and men. Swimming sans clothing was a first for me also…and it was another wonderful experience. -Craig JNew Jersey Our Bare Venture When I was a boy the words “naked” or “nude” weren’t part of my family’s vocabulary. Faculty, work, marriage, kids, divorce; all flew by in what seemed to be a brief span of time.

The environment can be in the privacy of one's own home. Keep in mind that the world of clothes-freedom, social nudity, naturism, or whatever it's called is very diverse. It isn't (necessarily) a lifestyle you need to follow at all times. There will be aspects of this world that are more to your own personal liking than others. Here is an organized list of suggestions for how to get started that should be useful to people of any age. Read and think about some of the reasons why young people are most often discouraged from trying social nudity.

There are specific suggestions for overcoming each of the obstacles and deterrents. Look for online places where you can discuss clothes-freedom, social nudity, and naturism with others, many of whom have useful experience. Get involved with various online groups which are specifically trying to help young people learn about and experience clothes-freedom.

Perhaps this has more than a little to do with why this generation, now middle-aged, is more strongly represented in social nudity than younger people.

People in this age range can recall (if they happen to be male) when it was normal to swim naked at the Y.

Yet there are reasons why one might expect young people to be more inclined to tolerate and have an interest in nakedness than older folks: 1.

Being naked is pleasurable and fun - and young people especially like what's fun. Young people have the time and inclination to enjoy life and have fun.

They have a greater understanding of human anatomy and learn not to be ashamed of their body. Join us on this show at the "Free the Nipple" event.

We promote positive values through healthy lifestyle habits. Last week's World Naked Bike Ride from Portland, OR with over 10,000 people.

It shouldn't be a secret that only certain older folks know about. No one's arm needs to be twisted to discover the enjoyment of nakedness.

Just trying it once in a pleasant, supportive environment is usually enough to convince someone who has no entrenched hang-ups about nudity. There are a number of specific, easy steps anyone can take to begin experiencing and enjoying the pleasures of clothes-freedom and social nudity.

(They may feel that they have little free time - but they will have even less time when they are deeply involved with a career and have a family to support! Young people have had less time to become entangled in social structures that might discourage an interest in nudity (e. a career, the rat race, kids of their own, etc.) 4.