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Oswego County Drug/Crime Tip Hotline 888-511-8997 NYS Police.... The other person, beside Zelko, that should have been removed from the port is, Tom Schneider, chairman of the finance committee, (CEO of Pathfinder Bank), who publicly stated, after he was made aware of the missing documentation (something as finance chair he should have discovered by him self) of the missing $16,000, "this is just part of business". And then the Mayor sends out his lovely ass wiping Christmas cards on how wonderful of a job he is doing saving the tax payers money.

If these lights appear, it generally means these important safety features are being disabled.

At first, the dealer said they could not duplicate the Stabili Trak problems, but after much persistence, they agreed the steering angle sensor was defective and it has been replaced.

Unfortunately, the vehicle is still having problems.

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Police 312-5555 [email protected] Says to Courts: Go Ahead, Jail People Because Theyre Poor.

This must be his "business standard", ignore corrupt use of company monies. Whatever Firemen you cut, Tommy has tripled with new hires at the DPW. There are some positive changes he has done for the city, but there are two sides to every story and the backyard dealings, favors, illegal hiring practices, and over spending needs to be addressed.

Throughout the years, we have successfully resolved numerous claims involving the Stabili Trak system where clients have received repurchases, new vehicles or significant monetary compensation. If your Stabili Trak problems result in repetitive trips to the shop, it is very important that you speak to a Lemon Law Attorney who can steer you toward recovery.