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Nevius dating demo

Inspired by his message of hope and monetary wealth, many previously uncommitted people joined the church, and by the beginning of 1961, membership had grown to a thousand.

“I’m terrified,” she told The Chronicle before they started.

Ig Justyna had asked Candy and 15-year-old Olivia Nevius, who held the microphone for the kids, to be involved or a reason.

And it gave kids a look at just what amateur radio operators can do. There’s a lot of competition, too, with a waiting list of about 60 groups at any given time.

That’s a way for astronauts to practice operating under conditions similar to weightlessness.

With the help of Amateur Radio on the International Space Station, a volunteer group known as ARISS, this is the third time Justyna has coordinated the International Space Station hook-up in Ann Arbor. The 14 kids who’d signed up to ask the questions weren’t all there, and he wanted them to do a couple of practice runs so they’d know what to do.

That includes Saturday’s event at the Hands-On Museum, a connection at Scarlett Middle School in 2006 and one at Mitchell Elementary last year. They only had a nine-minute window of radio communication – maybe less, depending on weather conditions – so it was important to be prepared.

(The map also appears to confirm that Ann Arbor is indeed the center of the universe.) When The Chronicle arrived at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum Saturday morning, Ig Justyna was on the roof adjusting a directional antenna – when they say “hands on,” they aren’t kidding.