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So, after packing my backpack, we had gotten into her car and took off, leaving mom behind with all kinds of questions. But I couldn't imagine being taken to either place by my twenty-three year old daughter! "I have this friend who started a small camp site a couple of years ago. The oldest, and more responsible one, was more into books and knowledge with music as her great passion.

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But then, we really should have been more like a 'naturist' family and you know how that is with mom," I told her, looking at her while she was driving. I know you still occasionally visit a nude beach, so you haven't given up yourself," she answered, her eyes on the road. Though I was never overly enthusiastic about her dos and don'ts, she knew I was a very proud father and she returned this with an openness that sometimes surprised me. ****** "Ok, Dad, here we are," she said when she stopped the car at the end of the road.

"No, I haven't and hopefully will not do so for a long time. I looked at a big old farm in the middle of flat meadowlands which were cut in straight lines by small lines of water.

"So, Bibi, I really like surprises, especially when I receive them from you, but what is this all about? A few weeks ago, I saw her and we spoke about how things were going. "You know, Dad, I still vaguely remember us going to the beach when we were very young and all being naked and playing naked in the sand. Not into knowledge but with great reflection on life from a young age.

Are you going to tell me what we're going to do or will I have to wait to find out? She mentioned that this year, nationwide, all 'naturist-camps' will have a Father's Day special. I guess it was a natural thing to stop it once we grew older but sometimes I regret stopping and wish we had been more comfortable with ourselves and our bodies as we grew up." "I know, but it's like that. Life was a big playground for her and it attracted her kind of people to play with.

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