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Albanian is generally spoken here, but there is also a good deal of Turkish and Greek.

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He studied medicine and botany in Göttingen and Berlin, where he finished a doctorate in 1836.

Grisebach was later professor for natural history at the University of Göttingen and director of the botanical garden there.

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August Grisebach (1814-1879) was a German botanist and professor born in Hanover.

In 1839 he undertook an extensive tour from Germany to Bursa in Turkey and returned via the southwestern Balkans.

Proceeding from Skopje to Prizren, he discovered that the Ottoman authorities would not allow him to carry on northwards to Bosnia, so he set off for Shkodra through the mountains of northern Albania, a region rarely visited by foreigners.

I found the variety of pronunciations, a normal result of the different languages spoken and of the fact that most of the inhabitants do not know how to read and write, rather intriguing because it reflects the variety of written forms often given for cities in the Orient.