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The VBI consists of an extensive network of interconnected groups and associations inside and outside of Germany.

It provides a platform on which to come into contact with the most innovative engineers in Germany.

VBI sees it as its task to make accurate, up-to-date information available to a broad public about the profession and the importance of independent planning and consulting.

They always have an eye on the complete life-cycle of a project, from the planning through the use to dismantling and recycling.

In their consulting work they link together the various specialist contributions to a single whole.

- Our personnel in Berlin and Brussels would be glad to put you in touch with our members.

Or you can contact them easily and quickly by checking with the VBI Internet database.

There are opportunities to meet representatives in person at the many national and international events organised by VBI, as well as at trade fairs and congresses, and forums organised by VBI regional organisations and specialist groups.