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Manish malhotra dating

Chaos ensues when Rani arrives from London to confront her son about his newfound sexuality.

To those who remember, Pakistani actress Mawra Hocane of 'Kheench Meri Photo' fame had expressed her fondness for Ranbir Kapoor and even said that she would love to work with him.

This sparked rumours that Mawar and the Kapoor scion are in a relationship.

The film was influential in creating fashion trends in India, with Chopra's silver sari (worn in the song "Desi Girl") becoming popular.

Abraham's yellow trunks, Chopra's golden swimsuit and the actors' looks and style received considerable attention and were popular with youngsters.

Wanting to add something different to the script, he later decided to introduce homosexuality (which he thought was unexplored by Bollywood) to shed light on the issue for the Indian audience.

Manish Malhotra designed Chopra's costumes, and Aki Narula designed costumes for the rest of the cast.

Sam (a male nurse) is often kidded about skirt-wearing, and Kunal is a fashion photographer.

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