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The platform holds many projects lead by different principal investigators (see left side) and is a base for new research applications.

Rev-X High Performance Oil Additive was formulated to be the highest performing oil additive available at any cost with zero downsides.

Rev-X High Performance Oil Additive can be blended into all types of lubricating fluids for the ultimate friction reduction agent that virtually eliminates high thermal temperatures within treated components providing extended service life for all component and lubricating fluids.

Missed badly when first started in the morning until I used this product. I've dealt with all the issues, EGR, Oil cooler, tranny, alternator, FICM...

A bit expensive "actually a lot expensive' but it works! So recently I started having stiction issues - BAD ones - at only 122000 miles.

State law requires that all local jurisdictions identify very high fire hazard severity zones within their areas of responsibility.

Inclusion within these zones is based on vegetation density, slope severity and other relevant factors that contribute to fire severity.

So I ordered it, put it in today, ran the truck and couldn't believe how fast all the issues cleared up!

No more stiction, I have the power back in my diesel, and the engine is definitely running cleaner and quieter.

The “mandate” of sorts came in the wake of the bloated 151-minute runtime of was a unique process.

When Geoff Johns and Jon Berg were hired to oversee the DC movie slate and give it a more optimistic tone, their first job was to get with Zack Snyder and screenwriter Chris Terrio to rework and make it a more hopeful movie.

Never before has the proper oil additive package been so instrumental in protecting today's high performance engines.