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Wings are an effort of glory, broad, deep-sparred, flagging mighty in contrast to fighting-trim waist.

Milloy's appearance in Southern, is, again, happenstance.

An elderly Master with poor eyesight was being sent to Southern as a kind of retirement.

Even in stillness, celerity sits waiting, poised and ready for the moment they shall be called to action.

On the ground and in the air, he is indomitable, swift, sure and proud.

Akeniath's Inspiration Page Self-evident is strength imbued within whipcord and sinew, and strident the sueded hide; on the tarnished darkness of all of his hollows and negative spaces, war is waged.

Chaotic is the new beginning that springs patchworked and dear up the narrow length of long muzzle, railing hue-and-cry o'er swept-back headknobs to better fulfill the freedom from proportion's tyranny, pairing long neck and muscled shoulders, his chest as deep as his convictions.

Sorvani is working on something in the galleries and is joined by Nivaos; Rhiannon and Mi'lo join in later, one with food to share (that maybe wasn't to be shared) and the other with food of his own…