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By purchasing e-tickets on our site, you agree to all the terms and conditions listed below. Train e-tickets are sold as follows: Before ordering your e-ticket purchase, you must either undergo authentication on the site or set up an account.

The one day Show will take place at one the most prestigious and central location of Moscow on the 21st of November 2018 from am until 22.00 pm.

All Exhibitors will have a unique opportunity for targeted one-to-one business meetings with the preselected Russian Buyers specializing in the In total there will be about about 40-50 TOP International and National Sellers and more than 100 Professional Russian Visitors accredited by our staff in advance.

I don't watch a lot of European films because they usually don't open in Portugal, but I try to use this opportunities to watch different movies and this time I wasn't disappointed.

It's a story of two comedy actors in Berlin in 1939.

With the war both comedians have to run and trying to reach Hollywood they end up in Moscow.

At this point the film looses a bit of its initial vigor but I enjoyed it anyway and although the end is a bit predictable, it is still a very enjoyable movie and totally worth the time.

The control coupon is a document of strict accountability, but it is not valid for boarding the train. The location of the upper and lower seats in carriages of standard type 5. One order can be issued no more than 4 e-ticket showing the personal data of 4 passengers.

To travel on the train: If you have completed electronic registration for domestic and international train routes (non-CIS countries), you can board your carriage by showing the carriage's conductor your e-ticket (boarding pass), either as a print out on A4 paper or on your mobile device's display and the passenger identity document shown on the electronic ticket If you have completed electronic registration for train services between Russia and Latvia, between Russia and Belarus and between Russia and Ukraine, you can board your carriage by showing the carriage's conductor the passenger identity document given when you purchased the electronic ticket. Schemes of international carriages (for Europe routes, except Finland) 6. In order to avoid misunderstandings and arriving late for trains, it is recommended that when placing orders for journeys involving changes, passengers should select an interval of not less than 3 hours between train arrival and departure times.

During the first morning session Exhibitors will have individual with the leading Russian Buyers from Moscow and Hosted Buyers from Saint-Petersburg and other major Russian cities. After lunch, there will be free appointments with other professional Russian Buyers lasting until pm.

At the end of the meetings all Exhibitors are invited to continue networking with the Buyers during the Evening Welcome Cocktail.

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