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If I were to take him to court, could I potentially get more?

So called "common law" spouses in Quebec do not have any rights in property registered in the name of the other spouse unless it it can be proven that there was a contribution to the acquisition or improvement of the property that has resulted in the impoverishment of the party that contributed and the enrichment of the party that benefited. How much do you charge for a 1/2hr preliminary session regarding options for legal separation? filing jointly with a court without a lawyer, if not advisable, what is the best route, etc.)Without a consultation - I can tell that the best option is to confirm the agreement in writing, file a joint motion with a lawyer (to make sure that it is done properly), and ask in the motion that the agreement be ratified by the Court. The cost is $2,000 inclusive of all taxes and disbursements ($1,000 when we start and $1,000 when I give you the judgment which I should get in 3 months approximately. My wife immigrated to Canada and I have sponsored her. She does have a full time permanent job with a good income.

My girlfriend recently found out she is pregnant and we have decided to keep the child.

I am concerned about my assets should our relationship end in the future.

Can you guide me on how to shield them in the event of a breakup?

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