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Every day, the tanners who work there place the raw hides of goats, camels, sheep and cows into deep earthenware vats, and take them through a process of soaking, stripping, drying, more soaking and finally dyeing – or tanning, hence the name.

These were the Merenid Tombs, Ahmed told us, burial places dating back to the 14th century – but I was more focused on the wandering men, the ambling donkeys, and the lines of coloured animal skins, either pegged up to the wall or laid out flat in the grass to better absorb the sun. First up, though, was actually wandering through the labyrinthine alleyways that make Moroccan medinas so thrilling – like they’re taking a gleeful pride in how easily a tourist can lose themselves.

Up above my head, or down towards my feet, spotting parts of the medina I couldn’t always catch – like a pile of wooden shoe moulds, strips of leather piled up beside them.

Ahmed had told us that we’d know when we were close to the leather tanneries by the smell: a But after a few hours of wandering, we still hadn’t caught wind of the expected smell, until we passed a group of Spanish tourists clutching fistfuls of mint leaves along with their cameras.

When they’re worn correctly and paired with the right items, I think they can look amazing – chic, glam, and impossibly cool. This looks great because she broke it up with the plaid shirt. If you can pull off leather jogging pants, go for it.

But when they’re worn with something that doesn’t really make sense, they have a tendency to look cheap and kind of ridiculous, like you’re trying too hard. Because of this, I have never owned or worn a pair of leather pants or leggings. To make your outfit more interesting, add fun accessories like leopard print shoes. It looks like this girl belted a floral kimono over her leather pants – and it looks amazing! A striped shirt, fitted blazer, simple scarf, and leather pants makes for an amazing and polished look. You can keep things simple with a light-weight sweater.

There were donkeys trotting slowly, weighed down with leather hides on their backs, and an occasional cat prowling along the edges of the pits. I couldn’t stop taking photos – couldn’t tear myself away from watching these men work.

They were clearly just going about their daily routines, but it was utterly fascinating.

But the tanneries are still just one part of Fez’s leather world.