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Leah culver dating

Times were especially fast this year: five men went under .

Bekele’s best of was set en route in the 2016 Berlin Marathon (which he won in ) but a slow early pace, hovering around 3mins/km, ruled out any improvement.

In this first international edition of the race he improved the course record by nearly 3.5 minutes.

Leading local runner Avinesh Sable, in fourth, ran a national record.

“I love the coast, and Monterey is very beautiful.” The weekend events included 5km and 3km races on the day before altogether attracted 8800 runners from 48 states and 18 countries. The oldest runner in the half marathon, Hai Chung, of Monterey, was 89 years old.

3861 were competing in the Monterey Bay Half Marathon for the first time, and 1231 had never competed at the distance before.

World Marathon Champion Geoffrey Kirui had his first race since winning his world title and slipped out of contention late in the race.

Ayana, like Legese, only got away from her compatriot Abebel Yeshaneh in the last kilometre.

A special ceremony was staged just before the start: “Raise hands with yellow gloves” which was observed by all participants and organizing teams.