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Ladette to lady dating duke

It took until the end of 2006 — half way through my second year — for me to finally question my behaviour and that of the men I’d viewed as friends.

Everyone around that student union bar table was an undergraduate.

These were intelligent, articulate young men from good middle-class homes, not uneducated louts who’d never grasped the difference between right and wrong. Well, the embarrassing truth behind this tawdry vignette is that it happens to be an anecdote from my own life — a snapshot that perfectly encapsulates my behaviour, and that of my peers, during my first two years as an undergraduate.

By the end of the night almost everyone in the group has a copy of this seedy encounter on their own device, ready to pass it on to whoever else they think might be interested.

Admittedly, at the time I was a member of the rugby team — a sport that’s long had a reputation for bawdy behaviour — but this routine degradation of women was going on across the wider male population.

But for almost two years I subscribed to this misogynistic lad culture.

It was all about proving myself to the group; my ability to drink more, have more sex or just be that bit more outrageous.

Whether the girl consented to her actions being filmed is the last thing on any of their minds.