Start Jackson rathbone who is he dating

Jackson rathbone who is he dating

While the 24-year-old didn’t kick us any details about the film’s plot or potential cast, he did talk enthusiastically about the chance both to produce and act in “Girlfriend.” “It’s an exciting time,” he said. I love the art behind it.” With his move into producing, the actor is making a bid to become a true Hollywood triple-threat.

This is the light that shines regardless of the sun. Q: We are and we got the closure we needed from Breaking Dawn, so thank you! But saying goodbye to the fans is probably the hardest part. I had to whip my neck to the side and then they had a really cheesy cracking sound effect.

I was able to take the makeup off, take the contacts out, put the boots away and say goodbye to Jasper. I got killed once in a movie years ago called Pray for Morning, except it was a really low budget movie and I magically had my neck broken.

But Jasper Hale devotees most certainly will have a shot to see Jackson in a film called “Girlfriend” in the future, as the Texas-born actor revealed to MTV News during a recent conversation.